The Transformer-Sunday March 29th, 2020

True Safety

Main Scripture Psalm 4:8

Another week has come and gone. For all of my students, I hope that you are getting settled into E-learning and that all is well. I’m not an intellectually genius but I am willing to help if you guys ever need help with your E-Learning. I hope you all were able to check this morning’s Sunday school lesson on our YouTube Channel, and our Sunday Morning service on our Church’s website.

Whether we realize it or not safety is something we all desire. We desire safety in shelter (house), safety in warm clothing and safety in knowing we have something to eat at home tonight. For a lot of middle and high school students it’s finding safety in friends groups, a relationship, or a certain niche. Whether it be the choir, cheer team, football team, basketball or baseball team we all want to have a “safe” zone where we can most feel accepted and at home.

In this world there is only one true safety net. All of the things listed above are great things, but they are not true safety. The most valid and secure safe spot you have as a Christian is without a doubt your relationship with God. In God we have the safety in the simple sense of the fact he holds our entire life in his hands. He will keep us safe, fed, and procted. Why? Because in Christ, you are a child of the one true God! I love how today’s main scripture looks at the safety that God gives us, wow. Just think about that for a second. The Alpha and Omega wants YOU to be safe in Him. God wants you to abide in him.

“In Peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”-Psalm 4:8

The Lord is the only place we can 100% fully dwell in safety. As you begin a brand new week seek the Lord as your safety. Spend time with him in prayer as you begin to take on this new week with the Lord. Once you know you are safe in the Lord, make sure that others are as well. Make sure you know whether or not the friends you have in your life are on the same team as you. Meaning the team of believers in Christ Jesus. I love you all students and families! I hope you guys know that! Can’t wait for another exciting week of ministry and I look forward to all that the Lord will teach us together!

Love and Blessings,

Brady Henderson

Student Pastor

Transformed Student Ministry

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