The Transformer-Easter Sunday 2020

He is Not Here; He is Risen!

Main Scripture: Luke 24:6a

Have you ever had something really great happen to you, or some great news that you
just couldn’t wait to share? Was it making the sports team of your high school, making an A on that chemistry test that you thought you would bomb, or the best decision of accepting Christ into your heart to walk with you daily?

No matter what it was, we have all had a moment in life where we just couldn’t wait to tell the good news of what had happened. The resurrection is so important in our faith. The resurrection shows how death has been conquered; it shows us how we can spend forever with Christ because of His ultimate sacrifice. Due to this ultimate sacrifice we too can be raised from the dead one day to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father if we just choose to accept Him. He is not legend; He is alive and real. Gods power who raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that is available to us.

Accepting Christ makes this cruel world not seem so cruel and gives us something to live for and hope for a future filled with happiness in a world that so often feels unhappy. We can live for Him in this evil world. Jesus being raised from the dead gives us hope for a future! His resurrection assures us that He is alive and ruling. For up from the grave He arose and is walking with us daily, every step of the way.

Luke 24:6a
“He is not here; He has risen!” NIV

Could you imagine the excitement that filled the hearts of the ones who discovered
Jesus’ tomb being empty on that beautiful Sunday morning? Just as we have good news that we can’t wait to share, I’m sure that is no comparison to the joy that filled them that morning. We need to have that same fire and joy in our hearts to want to go, run, and share this good news of Jesus Christ resurrection not just today on Easter, but every day.

Jesus is not among the dead-He lives! He reigns in the hearts of Christians, so what
better news to share on this Easter Sunday than He is not here; He is Risen!

Love and Blessings,

Mrs. Billie Jo Paige

Transformed Student Ministry

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