The Transformer-Tuesday April 28th, 2020.

The Day That God Showed Out

It was September of 2012, a year I will never forget.  I traveled to India for the first time on a Pastor’s Vision Trip.  We went door to door and village to village, sharing the Gospel.  The area we were concentrating on at the time was just south of New Delhi in a small town by the name of Mahipalpur.  As dense as the population was in this part of India, I was shocked to find out that one obscure village we came upon was filled with people who were unreached and unengaged.  Now, what do I mean by unreached and unengaged?  Well, the people had never been evangelized and they had never even heard the name of Jesus before.  

This was the first time I had ever experienced something like this.  But in this small village is where I saw the power of God show up in a mighty way.  There was a girl there by the name of Rupa.  She had a fever for 3 weeks and they had tried every medicine and still the fever would not break.  He father was the village doctor.  As we entered their home, I noticed all kinds of medicines on shelves in the house, which was about a 15’ x 15’ square.  On another shelf were statues of several little gods.  They had prayed to their gods for help.  Nothing ever happened.  We asked if we could pray to our God and ask Him for healing.  They said we could.  We laid hands on little Rupa and I remember praying and asking God for healing in the name of Jesus.  I also said, “God this is a chance for Your Name to be known, please let them see and experience the healing power of the One true God.”  After we prayed, we went outside under a large tree and had a quilt with Bible stories pictures on it.  

We told Bible stories to about 25 people who seemed to be interested in hearing about our God.  When we finished, they asked us if we could come back the next afternoon and tell some more stories and we gladly accepted.  God showed out during the night!  Rupa’s fever broke and there was a celebration in the village the next day!  When we arrived at the village the next afternoon, Rupa and her mom and dad had smiles on their faces.  We also noticed that under that large tree stood about 125 people waiting to hear more about our God who brings healing to the sick.

            You may be going through something today and you wonder how in the world you can ever have deliverance.  Well, let me tell you:  The same God that healed little Rupa; raised Lazarus from the dead; and rose Jesus from the grave, is the same God that can bring healing and deliverance to whatever you’re going through.  Ask, in the name of Jesus, and watch God show out in your life.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Larry Baldwin


Hillcrest Baptist Church

Transformed Student Ministry

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