The Transformer-Wednesday May 20th, 2020

Come Clean

Main Scripture: James 5:16

The Fatal Flaw

            When New York’s Citicorp tower was completed in 1977, many structural engineers hailed the tower for its technical elegance and singular grace. But a year after the building opened, the structural engineer, William J. LeMessurier, came to a frightening realization: some of the joints that should have been welded were bolted. Under severe winds, the building could buckle.

            LeMessurier weighed his options. He confessed the mistake and corrected the problem. And though the repairs cost millions of dollars, his career and reputation were not destroyed but rather enhanced. One engineer commended his courage for admitting the problem and fixing it.

The Vital Fix

            You may be at that point where you realize your life is like this flawed building. Although by all appearances you are strong, successful, and together, you know you have points of weakness that make you vulnerable to collapse. Sin is corroding the foundation of your life. What do you do? You come clean, get help, and fix it. 

            Confession is good for the soul. When we hide sin, we hide ourselves from others, and the darkness continues to grow. Today’s verse suggests that we confess our sin first to God and then to those who have been affected by our sin. We need to come clean.

Bottom Line

            Confess your sin. Get it out of your heart. Make it right. And move on.

Love and Blessings,

Greg Paige

Transformed Student Ministry

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